Tamar McKenzie

Head of Schools

Kadeem Gray

Deputy Head of Schools

Anna-Loy Campbell

Admissions and Administrative Officer

Robyn Lee

Accounting Officer

Bethune Samuels-Dennis

Kindergarten Assistant (K2)

Judith Gooden-Clarke

Junior 2 Class Teacher

Natalie Hines

Junior 1 Class Teacher

Delores Maitland

Kindergarten Assistant (K2)

Fabeon Carridice-Houston

Junior 6 Class Teacher

Ruth-Ann Gayle

Junior Four Classroom Teacher

Sherri-Ann Simpson

Junior 5 Class Teacher

Davayne Thompson

Mathematics and Technical Drawing Instructor

Shelly-Ann Fearon-McBean

Junior 1 Class teacher

Javaughn Sturridge

Biology and Mathematics Instructor

Raymond White

Physical Education Teacher and Science Instructor

Megil McNeil

Adjunct Lecturer

Roashima Campbell

Spanish Teacher

Dianna Walsh

Humanities Instructor

Kevaughn Foster

Computer Science and Visual Arts Teacher

Rose White

Kindergarten 1 Teacher

Roashima Campbell

Spanish Intructor

Miss Vashti Garvey

Junior 3 Class Teacher

Tavia McLean

Physics and Chemistry Instructor

Nicolette Bartley

Business Studies

Yanique Brown

Humanities Instructor

Dimitri Blackellar

Business Studies

Tanekia Williams

English Language and Literature Instructor

Aston Ramsay

School’s Groundsman

Sonia McIntosh


Mr. Mitchell

Asset Officer