The new school year promises to be exciting for us at Heinz  Simonitsch and we are asking for your continued support in ensuring that you review and understand the rulebook.

HSS Policy Handbook

The Education Regulation, Section 2a (1) of the Education Act of 1980 reads “A student shall obey the rules of the school he is attending.”  The main purpose of the policy handbook is to inform all parents, students and teachers of the rules, policies and procedures of which they must abide while being a member of the Heinz Simonitsch School (HSS) community.

Before formally registering a student at the HSS, parents are required to sign a copy of our policy handbook indicating their acceptance of our rules, policies and procedures.  We encourage all members of the HSS community to read through this policy handbook as all of us play a role in the maintenance of order and control within the school.

Parent Review Confirmation

Parent Rule Book Notification

The Aims Of The School

The aim of our school is to provide a quality education that presents opportunities to develop each child’s potential to the fullest.  The experiences and opportunities offered at our school allow each student to develop in his or her own unique way.

Our environment encourages our students to explore and discover the world around them and within this environment the students can interact with one another and their teachers as happy, confident individuals.

We encourage our students to develop self – confidence, to have a compassionate respect for all people, to be self-disciplined and responsible and to adopt good work attitudes so that they will always aspire to the highest standards in all their endeavours.

At this school we strive to establish a Reputation for Excellence not only in the academic aspect of life but also in social, cultural and sporting skills that are essential to the production of well-rounded young people who will adapt easily to a changing world and who will be a credit to their parents, their school and their nation.

General School Rules

The Education Regulation, Section 2a (1) of the Education Act of 1980 reads “A student shall obey the rules of the school he is attending”.  No list of rules can be exhaustive. Therefore the school administration has the right to exercise discretion in all matters pertaining to good order and discipline.

The school administration comprises of the School Board, Head of School, Vice Principals, the Dean of Discipline and the Grade Supervisors. The Head of School is in charge of the day to day administration of the school.